Saturday, May 10, 2014

Game Corner-Super Hexagon-Review

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Hello blog readers! Today for game corner I am reviewing super hexagon. It's a game of precision, focus, and anger management. When you play the first level, you play as a triangle that rotates around a hexagon. Your goal is to avoid touching the incoming lines that are closing in on you. Although it is a simple concept, actually playing it is harder than it seems. As you continue playing, the hexagon you rotate around may morph into other shapes, changing the size of the incoming lines. As you move up in levels, the lines move faster and faster. And to add to the madness, there is a loud pounding dubstep-ish soundtrack. If you want to buy it, have fun attempting to beat the world record (It's like 13 minutes).
What I love about it:
-pounding soundtrack
-highly addictive
-easy gameplay concept
What I hate about it:
-highly addictive

Final Rating: ********** 10 stars out of 5

If you want to check it out, you can get it for $2.99 from steam at

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