Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Game Corner-Just Cause 2-Review

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As a first post, I thought I would review Just Cause 2. Now what is JC2? Take Grand Theft Auto V, subtract all the M-rated content, add in some James Bond attack moves, then add some Call of Duty armor and weapons. Then finally add some Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Then you have Just Cause 2. Just Cause 2 is mainly a free roam game with a storyline to help you earn more money to get new vehicles and guns. (If you want to read a storyline and gameplay review, scroll down).
What I love about it:
-Free roam
-Massive map
-lots of vehicles
-lots of guns
-Nav icons for hidden items (ammo, weapon parts, vehicle parts)
-Black market traders come to you, even in combat, to sell you vehicles and weapons.
-Very deep storyline
-Grappling hook (there are so many fun things you can do with this)
-You can die and respawn immediately with no penalty
-Multiplayer support (buggy, but still awesome)
-100% support for Xbox controllers.
-it plays nice with slower hardware.
-Beautiful graphics (if your PC can handle it).
-Doesn't crash at all.
What I hate about it:
-You always seem to run out of ammo at the wrong time. (Ammo usually comes in increments of 35 or so, and you can blow through 100 rounds in less than 30 seconds).
-Lots of villages look the same.
-The police are a little bit overpowered (no matter where you run, someone will spot you and reinitiate the pursuit)
-controls are messed up (Need for Speed fans will find themselves parachuting out of their car at every turn instead of drifting).
-When you die, you respawn at the last mission you completed.

My conclusion:
If you like video games of any kind, there's something in Just Cause 2 for you. I personally love this game and would recommend it to anyone. Get it for yourself through the Steam Client (steampowered.com).
Rating:****** 6 stars out of 5 stars

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----Warning: spoiler alert----
If you don't want the first two missions spoiled for you, stop reading here.

Storyline and gameplay review:
When you first start the game, you will be forced to start your first mission. You play as Rico Rodriquez, a skilled marksman for a group known as The Agency. You start in a helicopter headed for the island of Panau. Your mission is to eventually take out an American on the island who has taught your character everything he knows. This American used to work for the agency, but has now turned against it. During transit, the helicopter receives a hit from a SAM device and the technician, holding memory cards with sensitive data, falls out of the helicopter. JC2 let's you take control immediately as you dive down to retrieve the memory card from the now dead technician in mid-air. Upon landing, you are tasked with finding the five other memory cards that were scattered around the base. JC2 progressively shows you how to walk, jump, and use your zip line. Surprisingly, it makes sure you get good practice using your zip line as a weapon before the game shows you how to pick up and use any other weapon. One thing I thought was pretty neat was if you can pick up two one-handed weapons, you can press the 2 button on your keyboard and hold them both at the same time. Once you have retrieved both memory cards, you are taken to the next mission. In this mission, you are tasked with saving another agent from The Agency who is cornered at the top of the Panau Casino. At this point, you begin to learn about the Panau police. From this point, the Panau police act as a constant antagonist. In free play mode, if you blow something up or attack someone, the Panau police will be swarming you within seconds. And when you join the criminal factions later in the game, they will be the target the majority of the time. So when you get to the Panau Casino, the game makes you use your zip line to scale the building after taking out the forces on the ground. After rescuing the agent, he takes you to a remote part of the forest where he becomes upset that his car is stuck in a ditch. At this point in the game, JC2 will show you a useful feature of your zip line where you can attach two object together. In this case, you are attaching his car to a nearby tractor. After pulling his car out of the ditch, the agent tells you to hop onto his car. After driving for about 10 seconds, the Panau police show up. The game then shows you the controls to jump around the car and how to jump from car to car. If at any point during the chase you hop onto another car, the game will also show you the controls to hijack the car. When you attempt to hijack a car, it gives you a random sequence of numbers to press. If the buttons are pressed quickly, you jump into the car and a few seconds later you are able to drive it. After you have shaken off the cops, the agent takes you to his house, where he informs you of the different criminal factions of the island of Panau. At this point, free roam is unlocked. You are then free to roam the island and do whatever you feel like. If you walk into a criminal HQ, you are sent into a mission to gain the respect and trust of the criminal faction leader. There are three criminal factions you can do missions for, the Ulars, the Reapers, and the Roaches. The first mission for each of these factions are the same, you have to help escort a technician into the base so he can hack a terminal to take over the location. For the Ulars, you take over a nuclear power plant. For the Reapers, you take over a jet propulsion testing facility. For the Roaches, you take over a harbor. I don't want to ruin the whole story for you, so go buy the game for yourself on Steam (steampowered.com). Why? Just Cause.