Friday, March 21, 2014

CourierPoint - Connecting the world, one parcel at a time

Many years ago, mailing a letter or a box was a complicated process. First you had to figure out what kind of postage you needed. Then you had to find a local post office, walk over there, and then just hope it made it. Not to mention that you had to pay an arm and a leg to have it sent out of the country. And you had no idea if it would ever reach its destination.The use of couriers helped with this but for twice the price. Back in the ancient world, couriers were people who were hired by someone (usually the goverment) to hand-deliver time sensitive notes.
Artwork dipicting an early Chinese courier
 Couriers have changed the face of history by delivering notes of oncoming armies and traitors within the country. Unfortunately, back then couriers could only go as fast as their horse (or their legs). And they could only take orders from whatever town they were in. Couriers from a few years ago had the same problem. Couriers could only take orders from their current location, and they were limited by the speed of their vehicle. We now live in the technology age. Devices the size of pizza boxes are now processing mail orders faster than at any other time in history. Now teams of couriers could work together with maximum efficiency. Then, what started as a US military project, spawned into what we know as the internet. Now any source of information can be accessed from anywhere in the world. And the services of couriers are no exception. Now from your chair, you can order a courier to deliver your time-sensitive package to your destination. And once they come to pick it up, you can track its progress from the same chair. So now you can have peace of mind when you send anything through the courier system. But one problem still remains, it costs about 4 times more money than using the traditional mail service. What you need is a middle man. One who orders in bulk to get huge discounts. You need Courierpoint. What makes Courierpoint so special? They order courier's services in bulk, allowing them to get prices no single person could get (unless you need to send millions of parcels a day, not sure why...). When you place an order, they will check to see when the next open pickup slot is. Then, a truck will come and pick up your package. And this is what makes couriers unique from normal mailing services, one courier or a team of couriers are assigned to your package, and your package alone. Now you don't have to deal with your box getting crushed by other boxes or getting lost on a truck. And when the package reaches the destination, the courier gets a signature of the recipient so that you know that the person you wanted got the parcel. Courierpoint offers international shipping from the UK (sorry, they only pick up from the UK) to India, Russia, Australia, USA, and basically every country on earth (except North Korea). The internet is an amazing thing. Humans for decades have been building better and better things to overcome their physical and mental limits. The internet is the next step in this technology race. Throught the internet you can now order couriers to deliver to any country on earth for a fraction of the cost using courier-brokers. Save yourself some cash and head over to