Tuesday, July 31, 2012

iOS 6

iOS 5 was a big hit, with notification center and iCloud. But what can we expect for iOS 6?

Siri for iPad
Now Apple has also added Siri to the iPad software. Siri is a basically a virtual personal assistant. You can ask for the nearest movie theater or why the sky is blue. Or you can ask Siri to pull up an email and you can tell Siri what you want in it (email addresses, subject, body, etc...). Kinda wish they would put it on the iPod Touch too.

Passbook app
Due to the fact that most now iDevices have retina display (translation: lots of pixels), scanners can read QR and bar codes. With Passbook, you can keep things like coupons and tickets and other things. Then when you get to the scanner, just hold your iDevice under it and continue on your way. You can even do things like set alarms, so if you set a movie ticket to 3:00, you can go hang around at the movie theater until 3:00, then the app pops up a notification saying the movie is about to start. Then you can just swipe the icon to the side and the coupon or ticket instantly shows.

Easier mail refreshing
In iOS 5, anytime you wanted to refresh your E-mail inbox, you had to click on the refresh button. In almost any other app,  you could just swipe down to refresh. Apple has finally gotten the hint and has added the swipe feature to its E-mail app.

Facetime over cellular
Facetime is Apple's version of Skype. Now in iOS 6, Apple has added cellular capability to Facetime so now you can video chat over WiFi and 3G (or 4G).

Shared photo stream
If you have ever used a file sharing service (not Limewire) like Dropbox, you probably understand how important it is to have a public folder to share files with other people. Photo stream now gives you the option to send a photo to anyone's photo stream as long as they have iOS 6 or OS X Mountain lion.

Just a quick peek at what iOS 6 will look like. Stay tuned September 17, 2012 for the release of the iPhone 5, iPad mini, and iOS 6. Have Fun!