Monday, July 30, 2012

What to expect from the iPad mini

Many people have heard of an iPad. According to Apple's hardware development site, the tech giant is going to introduce an new device, the iPad mini. In the image above, we have the well known iPad and in front of it is the iPad mini. For the average consumer, this is good! now we don't have to lug around a  glowing tablet that's bigger than we need it to be. For developers, this is bad. Now we have THREE devices that we have to make programs for. The iPad mini will be able to run iPhone and iPad mini apps but not iPad apps. iPad users are going to have to wait for an update before they can run iPad mini apps. The estimated price range will be from $300 USD to $500 USD. This will fill the gap for people who want something better than the iPod Touch but can't afford the iPad. The iPad mini will either run on an A5 or an A6 depending on how fast Samsung works. Yes, Apple does buy microprocessors from Samsung, stamp their logo on it, flash their firmware on it (one of the reasons jailbreaking is so hard), then stick it in a device and sell it. The iPad mini will be running iOS 6 (I will be doing a post very soon on how that will look). The iPad is getting Siri in iOS 6 and has not yet determined weither it will include it in the iPad mini. The estimated release date will be September 17, 2012. Have Fun!