Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When a tech disaster strikes

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To start, answer these questions:
1. If your computer caught fire right now, would you be ready?
2. If you knew that if your computer was not going to turn on tomorrow, would you start getting ready now?
If you answered yes then no, you can just skim through this post. These days, people rely on computers to store data that could be forgotten or lost. While it doesn't have the disadvantages of brains and papers, It, like all other matter, can degrade and eventually stop working. The day that your computer will stop working cannot be predicted, but you can be ready to save your data. The most feared tech disaster is the dreaded hard drive failure. With many people still using HDDs, this is still and will be a concern for the next few years. All moving objects will break down at some point, and a hard drive is no exception. Most people drag the contents of their My Documents folder to their flash drive, then unplug it and set it in the desk next to the computer. This is a good way to backup your data in the context of the hard drive failure but in the big picture, there is a huge problem. Anything could happen to that flash drive, it could catch fire when your computer does, it could rot and become unusable, it could be blown away by a tornado, it could be fried by a lightning strike, etc... A good rule of thumb is to have 3 different backups plus an online service. Have one next to your computer, another at work, and another at your parents house (or in some other state). A good online backup service is Dropbox. It's free, takes 30 seconds to setup, and has tools for automatic folder upload and other cool stuff. You start out with 2 GB but can earn more space as you do mobile photo uploads and friend recommendations. So share this post with a friend along with your friend code and you each get extra space and the assurance that your data is safe. Have Fun!

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