Monday, June 16, 2014

Top alternatives to PowerPoint

PowerPoints are overused. Schools force their students to use it when presenting any kind of material. And then those habits transfer over into the workforce. PowerPoints used to show how serious the presenter was by putting forth the effort to create an awesome looking visual to go along with his/her presentation. Now we live in a time where even children in elementary school can assemble a PowerPoint with little to no effort. And the other issue is PowerPoints are very lacking in visual effects. You might as well just write on a whiteboard. Here are our picks for a better presentation platform:

1. Prezi
Despite being cloud based, making all of your presentations public, and giving you limited cloud storage, Prezi is our top pick. Prezi allows editing slides just like you would edit a normal PowerPoint. But it includes powerful visual effects that can capture your audience's attention. It also includes the ability to embed videos, pictures, and sound. And it also supports multi-user editing in real time. It also has a feature similar to PowerPoint where you can share a link and others can watch your presentation on their devices in real time as well. You can check it out at

2. Powtoon
If you are a fan of putting animations and lots of graphics on your presentations, Powtoon is for you. Powtoon includes a bunch of animations of cartoon-like characters that can make for a fun and attention-grabbing presentation. You can check it out at

3. Apple Slides
In all seriousness, we just ran out of ideas. But if you want to change things up for once, take a swing at Apple Slides. users with a free Apple ID can access it online from If you own an Apple mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch...) you can also access your presentations from the cloud (assuming you own the $15 USD app). You can check it out at

4. Google Docs
Besides being almost the exact same thing as PowerPoint and Apple Slides, it does support cloud saves along with real-time collaboration. you can check it out at

So what presentation software are you going to use for your next big presentation? Let us know in the comments below.

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