Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tech Wars - Blogger vs Wordpress

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Welcome to Tech Wars! Every Tuesday and Thursday we take two or more tech services/products and put them side-by-side to see which one prevails. Follow us on Twitter (@allstuffnerdy) to get updates when a new Tech War comes out. To see more Tech Wars articles, click the "Tech Wars" link at the top of the page.

Blogging has revolutionized the information sharing age. Now anyone with experience as a writer has a chance to be heard. No need to mess with nasty code or deal with domain registration and server upkeep. But many people seem stuck on which platform to use. We narrowed down the playing field to the top two in the industry. Let's begin by stacking up the stats.

Blogger Wordpress Winner
Price Free Free (requires external host) Blogger
Created 1999 2003 Blogger
Owned by Google Wordpress Not scored
Websites that use it Unknown 60 million Wordpress
Main programming language AJAX, HTML5, CSS3 PHP not scored
Main features Dead simple design and customization Expandable through plugins Wordpress
Limitations Must be hosted on blogger server with a *.blogspot.com domain. Limited customization. Must have own hosting service. Difficult setup for newbies. Tie
Allows posting media (pictures, video,...) Yes Yes Tie
Search engine friendly Yes (duh, it's run by Google) Yes Blogger
Allows editing source code Yes (it's well hidden in the template settings) Yes, once you learn the file structure Wordpress
Allows use of custom domains Yes Yes Tie
Hosting Google servers only (as of 2010) any hosting service or free hosting on wordpress.org (with limited functionality) Wordpress

Conclusion: Wordpress is the winner.
Despite being somewhat difficult to set up, it is the most feature rich and has the largest website share. We didn't have any data showing the share Blogger had on the internet, but we did have sources that indicated that Wordpress was the #1 most used blogging platform. The only thing Wordpress is missing is it's not search friendly. Blogger sites all use the *.blogspot.com URL template. Therefore, according to Google, blogspot.com gets one Alexia score in the search engine. and since the blogspot.com "website" has so many backlinks and content (not to mention it's run by Google), it does get a higher ranking in Google and other search engines compared to its Wordpress counterpart. So with that, Wordpress dominates the Blogshere, making it a winner for today's Tech Wars.

So let us know in the comments, do you agree with our pick? Would you have picked something else? Do you think we left out a worthy competitor? Let us know in the comments. And stay tuned every Tuesday and Thursday for more Tech Wars.

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