Friday, August 09, 2013

SZARCWARE Bluetooth iPad Keyboard

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Hello blog readers! I know how much you all love your iPads/iPods/iPhones. (I know I love mine!) But I seem to find a continually frustrating aspect of the design of iDevices. The virtual keyboard is either to dang small or way to big. For iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad mini users, click here. For owners of an iPad, you're going to need something more than a keyboard. You are going to need one that looks nice, protects your screen when closed, connects through Bluetooth, AND charges your iPad too. The only affordable keyboard that fits that criteria is the simply named iPad case with Bluetooth. It sports an 8000 MaH battery that, according to an equation in my last post, will last ~2.6 hours assuming that it is always being actively used and it is charging your battery at the same time. So in a low usage scenario, it should last 4-6 hours, that should get you and your iPad through the day. It also features a Broadcom chip for Bluetooth. And to make it even better, Broadcom has been the leader in wireless and ARM products for years. The keyboard also doubles as a case and covers the front and back of the iPad. It also includes holes for your headphone port (duh). You can also customize your case on their website from a wide assortment of colors (again, duh. what kind of case company doesn't let you pick the color of the case?). And the best part of all, they start at $10.50 USD! That's cheaper than my sketchy keyboard here which costs $10 more! They even have very fast shipping in about 15 days. I have bought a lot of stuff from the same area as this company and it has taken anywhere from 17 days to 4 months from Amazon. And this company is for a worthy cause. They have recently donated (and sold, but mostly donated) their iPad cased with iPads from Apple that were gifted to schools around the world to assist with incorporating technology into education. You can buy it now from Have Fun!

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