Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Rokitboost Excess 2000 iPhone 5 Charger Case

Do you happen to remember all the amazing stuff that hit amazon with the "30-pin Apple connector"? I will admit that I have had my share of amazon products and I will say that most of it was junk, but there were some legitimate products that served a useful purpose. But back to Apple devices, since Tim Cook changed the charger port on the bottom of the iPhone 5, all 30-pin port devices are now useless. Tech companies have been contracting out engineers like crazy to upgrade their product for the iPhone 5. One product that I find neat is the Rokitboost Excess 2000 Charger Case. This product is very straightforward to use. You open the top part of the case, slide your iPhone 5 in, and replace the top. Charging is simple too. There is a micro USB port on the bottom of the Excess 2000 that you can use to charge the Case and the iPhone 5 at the same time. When you unplug the Excess, it will continue to charge your iPhone 5. Based on an equation from fusionteq.com:

2000 MaH

divided by

2000 mA


1 Hour

Even though this device can only charge your device for an hour, the power that is given could last several hours. It takes 2 amps to charge an iPhone, but an iPhone uses less than that. According to the tech specs of the iPhone 5, when charging at 2 amps for 1 hour, it should charge the battery to around full depending on how much use and strain you have put on your battey. Now that's not to say that this thing is garenteed to add 2 hours to your battery. My iPod touch 4G can usually last about 5-6 hours on light web browsing and note taking. But if I play a particular game (the biggest battery drainer I know of is Star warfare: Alien Invasion) at 100% battery, my iPod will usually die within 30 minutes. So you can't compare time, because it depends on what you are doing. 2000 MaH should last you at least 2-6 hours so long as your not playing any kind of 3D games or using WiFi or cellular.

Along with great battery life, this product is also visually appealing. The back of the case where the battery is stored is extremely thin, so it's not fattening up your iPhone. The only big part is the bottom where you plug in the micro USB cable. The bottom is also designed so you can still plug in your headphones while the case is on (unlike some chargers I know). All in all this is a great device that has a small physical footprint and adds several hours to your battery. If you want to buy it, Click here. And to anyone with a Raspberry Pi who wants to make it battery powered, check out the full store at rokitboost.com for their battery powered USB chargers. Have Fun!

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