Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to run windows apps in linux

Hello fans!

If you want to see todays post on my other blog, click here. But as for this post, I want to talk about something more advanced than turbo charging your installers. I want to show you how you can downgrade your computer from linux so that you can run windows applications. (I say downgrade for a reason). First, open up a command interface. Then type in synaptic if you just cant stand a command line. If you want to do it in the command line, type in sudo apt-get install wine. If you do it from synaptic, just type in wine and select whatever has the most dependancies (I think it is wine-core, but just check everything but the -dev files). Once you authenticate the action, go do something productive, it's going to take a while. On my pentium III machine, it took about 20 minutes (but it may vary for you, my room has bad WiFi coverage). When it finishes, go find something that ends in .exe and go to its location in file manager (or natilus or whatever you use). Right-click on it and select properties. Then navigate to the permissions tab. Then select "allow the user to run this file as a program" (or something like that). Then close that out and right-click it again. But this time, select Wine windows program loader from the menu (or something that says wine in it). Then the magic happens. I just played need for speed III through wine before I uploaded this post. Well, Have Fun!

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