Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Wireless Network Watcher - Who's on my network?

Have you ever suspected that your Wi-Fi has been hacked and someone is eating up your precious bandwidth? Tracking down the culprit in person may be difficult and awkward, but simply banning them using Wireless Network Watcher is a piece of cake. WNW is an actively developed program by NirSoft that was developed with the specific intention of showing information about clients on your Wi-Fi network. You can get it for free from Once you run it you can see a breakdown of all clients on a network. When you find the culprit, you can copy the IP address and put it on your router's blacklist (see the instruction manual that came with your router for more details). While being a relatively simple program, it has powerful capabilities to look up detailed information about other users on a network. This is also a great program to add to your emergency tech toolkit. If you download the .zip instead of the .exe, you can extract the program to a flash drive, so it's ready to go when your network goes out.

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