Sunday, June 15, 2014

Game Corner - TitanFall - Review - Guest Blogger

       There's not much to say about this game that hasn't already been said, good or bad. This game, for starters, is my all time favorite shooter. I'ts fresh take on the re-used Call Of Duty and Battlefield concepts is what makes it stand out from all the others in a way. The gameplay style is a breath of fresh air, with fast paced gameplay as well as unique concepts of it's own. It's lack of content is not a good sight, but it makes up for it with the overall experience you have while playing.
       I think one of the best parts is the overall customization possibilities, which is added to drastically by the titans. Everything is balanced by a basic system of strengths and weaknesses such as range, fire speed, aim speed and so on. All of the weapon, skill, and titan combinations can be countered by something else, which helps to lessen the problem of campers which is prominent in most other shooters. What also helps bring this problem down is the map setups, which give people a lot of vantage points, all while keeping them from being too inaccessible to other players.
       The only problem with this game that I hope will be fixed in the future is the matchmaking, which sometimes matches you in a team with very low experienced players, or puts the other team in the same situation, which can make the game very frustrating to the newer and older players alike. The players are matched at random, with no regard to skill level. Other than this problem, the game is completely worth buying for any fan of shooters, or people who just want something fresh. It's incredibly addicting, fast paced, and overall a great buy.

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