Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Game Corner - Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Review/Gameplay tips

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What's a game that combines hours of fun with gruesome depictions of medical operations? Surgeon Simulator 2013. Originally created as part of a programming contest, the game was then expanded into a full-featured game to be released on Valve's Steam game distribution store. In the game you play as Nigel, a supposed surgeon tasked with undertaking many difficult and strange operations. To begin you start with a basic heart transplant. The game is controlled with the keyboard and mouse. The mouse moves Nigel's hand, while the AWER and Space keys control his individual fingers. If you want to use two hands in the game, you are going to need to pick up a Razer Hydra. So back to the game, you use the difficult and awkward controls to move his hand around to pick up various tools. In the upper right-hand corner you can watch the blood level of the patient. You lose when the patient loses all of their blood. The patient loses blood when certain tools come in contact with the flesh of the patient. The game never mentions it until later (I had to look online to find it), but there are a set of syringes in the game that are used to control the blood flow of the patient. One of the syringes stops blood flow. However, if you accidentally stab yourself with that syringe, your vision becomes warped and it becomes difficult to perform the other operation. Hitting yourself with the other syringe will undo the effect. But beware not to mix up the syringes as the second one can make the bleeding worse. When run when the Steam service is in online mode, various achievements can be obtained by doing several difficult or gruesome tasks. As you move up in levels, the operations become more difficult and you change locations. Different types of surgeries include heart transplant, kidney transplant, and brain transplant. Locations include surgery room, ambulance, and space (which tends to be the most difficult location).

Bottom line:
Besides being quite frusturating and having limited replay value, it is definately full of easter eggs and random physics that can create hours of fun.

My rating: ***** 5 stars out of 5

If you want to get it yourself, you can grab it from the Steam client ( for $9.99. But if you keep an eye on it you may catch it on sale!

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