Saturday, February 01, 2014

BitFlush-Do everything online securely, then flush the traces away

Hello blog readers, sorry for such a long delay in posts. I thought I would share a great service with you named BitFlush. With the NSA, strangers in coffee shops, and even some ISPs spying on you, it is more important than ever to protect your data, especially the data that leaves the safety of your own home network. Many people choose to use things like VPN. While it is very secure, not everyone knows how to set up a VPN network and make it seamlessly integrate with your own home network, not to mention that not many people can afford to buy a $4000 power-hungry server and leave it on 24/7. And most people forget when they do create a VPN server, they are in charge of locking it down, something a single person simply isn't capable of. A much easier solution would be to get a computer from a remote location and remote-control it to keep your computer and your data safe. While this seem's complicated, it really isn't. just head over to and sign yourself up for a 3-day free trial. When activated, you securely connect to one of their virtual servers through VNC and you can safely browse the web. When you disconnect from the server, the server automatically deletes the virtual machine you were using leaving absolutely no trace. For those of you who know how VM machines work in the enterprise world, this is basically copying a template virtual machine, and deleting it when you are done. BitFlush works on any device that supports the VNC protocol. This includes Windows (pretty much every version), Mac OS X, Linux (any distro with a GUI), iOS, Android, and a ton more. But BitFlush isn't just for protecting your identity! You can use BitFlush to bypass any filters or firewalls that many schools, buisnesses, and even some hotels have. Or if you really don't like the idea of websites like Google tracking your location every time you visit one of their pages, BitFlush is there to help. If you head over to you can sign up for a 3-day free trial in a matter of minutes. After that, it's only $60 a year for virtually unlimited usage. If you think $60 is a steep price, just think about how much more you would end up paying if you opted for no security measures, and someone steals your identity. Now you can be around $5000 in the hole. If your work already has VPN that employees are allowed to use from home, or id you don't care that a stranger or Google knows where you live, BitFlush may be a little bit overkill for you. But if you have a serious concern for internet privacy either in your home or out and about, BitFlush may be a promising investment.