Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fiverr.com-earning money while doing what you love

Update: fiverr.com literally 'just' uploaded the new fiverr.com. The concept is the same, but some of the buttons might be different. I'll upload the correct button texts as soon as possible.

Hello blog readers! You may have been wondering where my second-most recent post came from. The answer is fiverr.com. Fiverr is a website for non-professional freelancing work. (What I mean by non-professional is that it's not as serious or demanding as real freelancing sites like elance.com.) It all starts with the "gig". A gig is basically a job listing. Your gig title will be "I'll ______ for $5" where you put what you'll do in the blank. You will then be required to type in a description and upload a picture. And once you become a trusted seller, you will have the option of adding extras for extra cash. Once you finish all of that, you click submit. Now all you have to do is wait and hope someone takes their chances with someone who has no ratings (if this is your first time selling a gig). When you get an order, fiverr gives you a private message board where you and your client can exchange information. The fiverr board also makes it easy to upload your finished work. All you need to do is click "deliver my work", fill out the fields, and hit done. Once the buyer marks the gig as complete, you get paid to your PayPal account (after 21 days of clearing the payment). Have Fun!

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