Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Electronic recycling

It's going to happen at one point, your device that you thought was "so cool" two years ago will get replaced by the next best thing. The thing is, many people throw away perfectly good electronics just because something is presented to replace it. It would be smarter to recycle your old devices than throw into the dump because devices are made of lot of stuff that can really hurt the environment:
-lead (solder)
-dangerous plastics (casing)
-glass (some devices with screens)
-other stuff that can be harmful to the environment when burned.
A good idea is to donate your device. A website I like called asks you a few questions about your device then determines if it should be recycled or donated to one of its partners. Either way, it will send you a box to put your device and any accessories that you said you owned in the questions that you answered online. Have Fun!