Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Low cost waterproof case

If you want to use an electronic device at a place like a pool or beach, you might want to go inside a building or back away from the water at least 200 feet. If you want to go waterproof, many companies may try to get you to buy their $80 waterproof case. But what if you don't want to $80 or have a device that no one makes cases for. A cool trick you can try is take a snack or sandwich sized bag and seal it completely with your device inside. Now you don't have any bulky cases or exclusion from humans problems left. Just some tips for using your new waterproof case. NEVER leave it out in the sun! Cover it with something before you leave otherwise the plastic will melt and you will have a permanent case that can't come off without professional help (unless you want a smelly, bumpy, and discolored device). And also remember to recycle the bag at the end of the day or else moisture will be trapped inside and damage your device. And finally, this case is only meant to handle water drops and splashes and not water pressure. Do not drop in water! Have Fun!

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