Friday, July 27, 2012

How to bypass a site filter

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You might be at school or at work and you can't get onto Youtube to get a video for a presentation. Or you might need to just post a quick thought on Facebook at work but once again: BLOCKED. How do you get around this? You can use a proxy server! A proxy server is just a server that your data goes through before it goes to the internet. So if your browser sends a request for the Youtube homepage, your place's firewall sees it as a request for (just an example, I don't think is a proxy server site) and lets it pass through. Then when it reaches your proxy server, it removes the request for the proxy server then forwards it to the DNS servers as if it just came from your browser (DNS has nothing to do with proxy servers, it's just a name-to-ip address lookup service). Then, once it is done getting the page, The data goes back to the proxy server and is sent out to your computer and it looks like it came from your proxy server. Then your computer removes all the proxy stuff and displays the page you requested. If you have your OWN and not your places VPN channel, you can use that and it has the same affect. If you have a web server at home or a computer (that you don't use to visit blocked sites) that you can keep on all day, there are hundreds of tutorials online that give step by step instructions on how to turn your computer into a proxy server. One of the few disivanteges is that your internet connection speed will dramaticaly slow down. This method is not meant for streaming video. If you want a site like Youtube, you should go to a site like where you input the URL of the video and creates a video file that you can download. Just remember that you take FULL responsibility for what you do with your proxy server. And this method will not work on all servers because some firewalls try to check for viruses by checking the stated size of the packet vs. the actual size. And if you have proxy server headers and footers in that packet too, lots of numbers aren't going to match. And also remember that some servers also check the DATA too and not just the direction of the packet. And remember that lot's of places have blocks like these for your own good. Have Fun!

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