Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Cheap wifi booster

Do you live in apartment where the router is all the way downstairs? Do you have a computer without an ethernet port so you think you can't buy an expensive cable to boost your internet? Well, here's something you can build and it can boost any wifi device. Let's get started. If you have a device without a wifi antenna (ipod, netbook, etc...), skip step 5 and just hold it.
1. Get a square of cardboard and a square of aluminum foil (any size but they must be the same)
2. Glue the aluminum foil on top of the cardboard
3. Cut into the center from each corner. Stop about an inch from the center.
4. Take the corners and make a bowl shape.
5. Make a hole in the center and stick it on your computers wifi antenna or your routers antenna. In order for this to work, turn your antenna until it is facing your computer/router.
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