Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Build your own IR jammer

Don't want your siblings or kids to change the tv program? Wanna have some fun with your wii system? Build an IR jammer! Now what is an IR jammer? Imagine you and me are talking to each other in a room. Now imagine if someone were to come in and start screaming at the top of their lungs. The screaming guy is the jammer and you are a remote talking to me the tv. See how that works? Let's build one! Note: because the building materials in this post vary between makers, you must know what the following things are and how to use/manipulate them:
-common battery voltages
Disclaimer: I am fully not responsible for what you do with this after building it. It can be illegal if used in some ways.
1. Get an IR led
2. Get appropriate power supplies and resistors to power IR led
3. Hook up one end of the switch to VCC and the other to the resistor network
4. Hook the resistor network up to the IR
5. Reference the cathode of the IR led to VDD
6. Try it!

Have fun but don't do anything illegal!

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